Afternoon Paddle

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Took off work early and headed out the inlet towards the Behm Canal.


View heading out of George Inlet



Gem Cove

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Right across the inlet is a small protected area called Gem Cove. It’s an awesome place to kayak and snorkel through, because it’s shallow with lots of wildlife! Although no gems have been found there in recent history, I’m always hopeful! It’s great too if you’re just going for a short run.

IMGP1338One of the entrances at high tide

IMGP1364Pretty : )

IMGP1359It was a beautiful day out…too bad LaMont was working and not me!


More of our Alaskan Sunrise Paddle

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Yes Tessa dragged me out of bed way too early and yes she had to keep telling me to speed things up or we would miss the sunrise, but it was worth it.IMGP1411

Well worth getting out of bed early.


We waited for what seemed like forever for that sun to come up over the mountains.


And when it finally did all I could think was how lucky I was to be out paddling with my best friend in such a beautiful place!

~~Alaskan Sunrise~~

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There is nothing more beautiful than a sunrise that reflects off the ocean as it rises over the mountains in Alaska. Especially at 3:30 am in the middle of the summer! Yes, I dragged LaMont’s sleepy butt out of bed to watch a two hour sunrise, but it was more than worth it! We paddled out to the middle of the inlet and sat in silence as the sun slowly came up over the mountains.

We are going to do a week long “sunrise” theme, so there are more pictures to come, I promise!

IMGP1410Probably around 4:00 am – the beginning

IMGP1421There’s no colors, but this picture is so peaceful to me


The Salmon Run at Herring Cove

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The end of June to the middle of July are both awesome times to be in Alaska because this is the primary time that the King Salmon swim upstream to spawn. About 4-5 miles down the inlet from the lodge is where Herring Cove is nestled – a small cove that happens to be located in front of a king salmon hatchery. So as you may know, once salmon are ready to spawn they will head back to the place they were born to lay there eggs and die. Because of this, herring cove is an awesome place to see vast amounts of wildlife, including eagles and bears. And of course, the ideal way to view them is in a kayak!

Here are a few shots that we got of our adventure…enjoy!

IMGP1216Immature eagle scoping out some fish

IMGP1225Stopping to admire all the wildlife

IMGP1209All those little dots are eagles!


Mahoney Falls

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So while LaMont was stuck in the office on a beautiful alaskan day, I took my cousin Tim, and co-worker Molly on a short paddle down to Mahoney Falls. This waterfall is huge and feeds into a fresh water lake near the ocean called Mahoney Lake – a location with is ideal for Sockeye Salmon to spawn! Too bad we didn’t catch any. Still a great paddle!

IMGP1305Wow, I am glad that I wasn’t the one doing paperwork this day!

IMGP1322You can barely see it, but the falls are behind Molly!

IMGP1333And this is the stream where the Sockeye run


There is always a rainbow somewhere!

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As many of you have noted we lost several of our older postings and a few of the new ones. Unfortunately we have been unable to recover the lost posts and need to start over. We will do our best to duplicate the ones that were lost and will be posting a new entry from our 3am sunrise paddle very soon!

IMGP1144 Just another rainbow out in front of the Lodge!